Sentence Examples

  • The familiarity of a card game such as Hearts, a word game similar to Scrabble (for example, check out Literati or WordRacer at YahooGames), or puzzle games like Bejeweled is comfortable for people of all ages and from all walks of life.
  • Scrabble cheating can have a lot of different meanings - from hiding tiles in your pants pocket to peeking at software programs on your cell phone that help you identify words using specific tiles.
  • Bookworm: Presented with a slightly staggered grid of letter tiles, Bookworm is a title that is similar to Scrabble, except you need to link together a string of adjacent letter tiles to form increasingly long words.
  • Scrabble - A multi-player word game in which players draw letter tiles and then take turn forming words on the game board using their own tiles and combining their tiles with tiles that have been placed on the game board by their opponents.
  • You can visit the official Scrabble website's Word of the Day page, or try one of their many word games for applications such as Facebook or to get your brain limbered up and ready for that next big match.