Sentence Examples

  • Primrose Peerless (Hybrid Narcissi Biflorus) - Similar in habit to N. poeticus, but has creamy-white flowers, two on a scape, and the rim of the primrose corona is scariose but colorless (i.e., not purple).
  • Brodiaea Minor - robably a variety of the foregoing, is very pretty; the scape is not more than an inch high, about fifteen flowers in the umbel; the color purplishblue, with a lighter centre.
  • Iris Korolkowi - Of this the leaves are tall, narrow, and upright, the scape, which is about 1 foot or so high, bearing two large flowers of delicate shades of grey and brown, and beautifully veined.
  • 2, a) are divided into "scape" and "flagellum" as in the ants, and the mandibles vary greatly in size and sharpness in different genera.
  • Those who only know the Snipe as it shows itself in the shooting-season, when without warning it rises from the boggy ground uttering a sharp note that sounds like scape, scape, and, after a few rapid twists, darts away, if it be not brought down by the gun, to disappear in the distance after a desultory flight, have no conception of the bird's behaviour at breeding-time.