Sentence Examples

  • Another was hunch-backed and dressed in heavy robes despite the heat of the day, and a third man barely taller than her had white irises and silvering hair.
  • In the spring there was a fancy-dress ball at Buckingham Palace, which remained memorable owing to the offence loyal members of the Southampton Corporation remem sorebered Raleigh, and spread their robes on the ground reigns.
  • He added, "They settle ninety percent of those things before the judge gets his robes on."
  • The high priest dressed in his robes went out to meet him, and at the sight Alexander remembered a dream, in which such a man had appeared to him as the appointed leader of his expedition.
  • (8) The Panathenaea, at which the new robes for the image of the goddess were carried through the city, spread like a sail on a mast.