Sentence Examples

  • Again, origins attract the litterateur; he revels in describing the transition from the pre-religious to the religious era.
  • To the north-east, at about the same distance from the town, are the tiny château and park of Tiefurt, on the banks of the Ilm, the scene of many pastoral court revels in the past.
  • May-day revels are still kept up here and attract large crowds from the neighbourhood.
  • He published in 1910 The Prevention of Malaria, and also produced Psychologies, a volume of poems (1919), and a romance, The Revels of Orsera (1920).
  • He was persuaded - against his will - to turn his attention to a court life, and he went to London under the patronage of Sir Henry Herbert, master of the revels, to follow that course; but he very soon returned home with a fixed resolve - confirmed by the death of his mother - to study divinity.