Sentence Examples

  • Then, affected children abruptly begin to regress, losing language, social, toileting and self care skills to the point that they exhibit symptoms similar to severe autistic disorder.
  • Weight naturally fluctuates, and there may be weeks where the scale increases, but the key is to take heart in the successes of the plan and not regress into poor habits because of a momentary lapse.
  • Some children regress, temporarily losing such attainments as weaning, bowel and bladder control, or clear speech, in an attempt to regain lost parental attention by becoming babies again themselves.
  • The University of Michigan Autism and Communication Disorders Center states that nearly one-quarter of children with autism develop normally during early infancy, but then regress at some point between their first and second birthday.
  • Even so the inference to the a priori ground of its necessity is, it has been often pointed out, subject to the limitation inherent in any process of reduction, in any regress, that is, from conditionate to condition, viz.