Sentence Examples

  • "It's Ky-ree," I pronounced it correctly.
  • This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Ree to Rep.
  • The only native work on the writing that has come to light as yet is a fragmentary papyrus of Roman date which has a table in parallel bite, &c. columns of hieroglyphic signs, with their hieratic equivalents and words written in hieratic de d ~ scribing them or giving their values or mean- woo ree ings.
  • Hitherto ree from schism, was now divided by a fierce controversy, in which we see two Greek parties, rather than a Greek and an Egyptian, in conflict.
  • On several islands of the picturesque Lough Ree, to the north, are ecclesiastical and other remains.