Sentence Examples

  • For example, rae Arenarion in one climatic or geographical region might be in~~ med an a-Arenarion and one in a different region a a-Arena- ~j1j ri, and so on (Moss, bc. cit.).
  • He supplied part of the money for carrying it on, contributed several articles, and assisted the editor, Fraser Rae, with his advice.
  • Milne Rae, The Syrian Church in India (1892); K.
  • Haldane, Life of Smith (1887), and the very full and excellent Life of Adam Smith by John Rae (1895).
  • .," which contains reprints of Napier's Descriptio of 1614, Kepler's writings on logarithms (1624-1625), &c. In 1889 a translation of Napier's Constructio of 1619 was published by Walter Rae Macdonald.