Sentence Examples

  • The titles in the order adopted, but with date of publication, are as follows: "Oratio inauguralis," on his appointment (1649) as Savilian professor (1657); "Mathesis universalis, seu opus arithmeticum philologice et mathematice traditurn, arithmeticam numerosam et speciosam aliaque continens" (1657); "Adversus Meibomium, de proportionibus dialogus" (1657); "De sectionibus conicis nova methodo expositis" (1655); "Arithmetica infinitorum, sive nova methodus inquirendi in curvilineorum quadraturam aliaque difficiliora matheseos problemata" (1655); "Eclipsis solaris observatio Oxonii habita 2° Aug.
  • C. Miscellaneous 1.1 Hpo/ Xb,LCara: Problemata: Problems on various subjects [gradually collected by the Peripatetics from partly Aristotelian materials, according to Zeller].
  • 3 The Problemata physica was at the same time put into English (with some changes and omission of part of the mathematical appendix), and presented to the king, to whom the work was dedicated in a remarkable letter apologizing for Leviathan.
  • In 1674, at the age of eighty-six, he published his Principia et problemata aliquot geometrica, ante desperata nunc breviter explicate et demonstrate (L.
  • His eagerness to defend himself against Wallis's imputation of disloyalty, and his apologetic dedication of the Problemata physica to the king, are evidence of the hostility with which he was being pressed as early as 1662; but it was not till 1666 that he felt himself seriously in danger.