Sentence Examples

  • For the fashionable female, it can prove quite a conundrum finding that perfect outfit - the one that looks as effortlessly chic as possible but is sensible enough to wear in a hot climate.
  • While everyone knows that a website is an entrepreneurial necessity, figuring out what should go on small business web pages can be a much more difficult conundrum.
  • The first step in unraveling your clothing conundrum is to look carefully at the wedding invitation to determine the time, setting, and dress instructions on the invite.
  • This left DeBeers, which had basically taken over the diamond mining operations in Southern Africa, and which had a huge diamond supply in storage, with a conundrum.
  • Whether you are debating over the amount or the intensity of your highlights, the most important aspect of this conundrum is to forgo updating your look in favor of recent trends and really focus on what your face needs to look its best.