Sentence Examples

  • The standard American diet has, for the most part, ignored the important role of probiotic foods, while other cultures have enjoyed the health perks of probiotics for historically significant periods of time.
  • When you are trying to get more probiotic foods in your diet, the idea of nothing but yogurt may not be appealing. other foods which contain these helpful bacteria are, for the most part, readily available.
  • Culturelle Probiotic provides many of the benefits corroborated by over 250 clinical studies that have shown probiotics have a healing effect, that is important for those suffering from chronic diarrhea.
  • The review cites the company's use of live, freeze-dried bacteria, which improves viability and efficacy of the supplement, as the reason they choose Florastor as the best probiotic on the market.
  • If you also need fiber in your diet, then Phillips also offers a probiotic and fiber supplement that uses the same three bacteria, plus three grams of soluble fiber from inulin, which is a prebiotic.