Sentence Examples

  • If this is done the soil will be fit for working in spring, and a pricking over with the fork will reduce it to a fine tilth, and will admit of the bulbs being planted promptly.
  • Monitoring your blood glucose requires pricking your finger one or more times each day and testing the tiny drop of blood using a special machine.
  • Paddle the canoe and fish, while the girls learn to spin and weave, grind maize, and cook - good conduct being enforced by punishments of increasing severity, up to pricking their bodies with aloethorns and holding their faces over burning chillies.
  • The borzois jumped up, jerking the rings of the leashes and pricking their ears.
  • Rostov's horse was also getting restive: it pawed the frozen ground, pricking its ears at the noise and looking at the lights.