Sentence Examples

  • Trusted Website Access Permissions - Some large websites that Facebook knows aren't up to nefarious means, such as, are granted full access of all the information on everyone's Facebook page.
  • The web is not a safe place for your data; many hackers put malware and viruses out there looking for unprotected servers so that they can alter the data toward their own nefarious ends.
  • Due to this surge in collectability, many nefarious companies regularly flood the market with well-made replicas, which are generally worth less than the authentic models.
  • Unfortunately, not much else of value is found on the planet and the wealthy-or anyone with the funds to do so-leave Pandora to the desolate and vagabonds who are forced to survive by looting and other nefarious means.
  • Players can record any sound in the game, from voices to ringing bells to cats in the alleyway, and use them to solve puzzles, control the nefarious Metrognomes, or even combat situations.