Sentence Examples

  • The pejorative connotation of an optical illusion is a visual malfunction.
  • Whether it be due to team turnover or wardrobe malfunction, one of the key components of almost any squad is uniformity of style with the NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders squad being the exception to that rule.
  • While both singers and their representation maintained that it was a malfunction, many speculated that the occurrence of the reveal with the lyrics "gonna have you naked by the end of this song" was no coincidence.
  • Regardless of the specific cause of DIC, the results are a malfunction of thrombin (an enzyme) and prothrombin (a glycoprotein), which activate the fibrinolytic system, releasing clotting factors in the blood.
  • While some items can be purchased used at substantial discount, other investments should be new and fully protected under manufacturer warranty to protect against unforeseen repairs and malfunction.