Loof Definition


(anatomy, now chiefly dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) The palm of the hand.


(anatomy, now chiefly dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) The hand, especially, the hand outspread and upturned.


(nautical) The after part of the bow of a ship where the sides begin to curve.


The spongy fibers of the fruit of a cucurbitaceous plant (Luffa aegyptiaca).


Origin of Loof

  • From Middle English lufe, lofe (“palm of the hand”), from Old English *lōfa, from Proto-Germanic *lōfô (“palm of the hand; paw; oar blade, paddle”), from Proto-Indo-European *lāp-, *lēp- (“to be flat”). Cognate with Scots luif (“the palm of the hand”), Swedish love (“wrist”), Icelandic lófi (“palm of the hand”), Gothic [script?] (lófa, “palm of the hand”), German dialectal Laffe (“flat hand, palm”). Related to glove.

    From Wiktionary

  • From Middle English lof (“a contrivance for altering a ship's course, paddle, oar”), from Middle Dutch loef (“an oar or paddle used in steering”), ultimately from the same origin as Etymology 1.

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