Sentence Examples

  • Has light grey or brown close thick wool half an inch deep without any top hair, with a rather thick spongy pelt.
  • Dobereiner discovered the combination of SO 2 and 0 into SO 3 by means of spongy platinum.
  • Moreover, unless the conditions are closely watched, it is liable to be thrown down in a spongy form.
  • For most of these the lightest spongy but sweet turfy peat must be used, this being packed lightly about the roots, and built up above the pot-rim, or in some cases freely mixed before use with chopped sphagnum moss and small pieces of broken pots or nodules of charcoal.
  • 3.1 Palisade Tissue and Spongy Cells 3.2 Cell Formations 3.3 Blade/Lamina and Stalk/Petiole 3.4 Venation