Sentence Examples

  • The surface of the upper slopes of Mauna Loa is almost wholly of two widely different kinds of barren lava-flows, called by the Hawaiians the pahoehoe and the aa.
  • The adult stage of this form is the Filaria loa found in the subcutaneous tissues of the limbs.
  • Mauna Loa (" Great Mountain "), on the S., is by far the largest volcano in the world; from a base measuring at sea-level about 75 m.
  • Of Mauna Loa, and blending with it in an intervening plateau, is Mauna Kea (" White Mountain," so named from the snow on its summit), with a much smaller base but with steeper slopes and a crowning cinder cone 13,823 ft.
  • Above the sea, the maximum height in the Pacific Ocean; blending with Mauna Loa on the N.N.W.