Sentence Examples

  • When you look at the publication dates of the Harry Potter books, it's clear to see that Harry and his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft were first introduced to the people of the UK, before they made the trek overseas to the U.S. J.
  • J. perennis is taller, often above 1 foot high, with dense heads of bright blue flowers, from June to August; it is a rock garden plant, stronger than the preceding, thriving in good light loam, and a native of the mountains of C. and S.
  • Letter Four: J or P: Everyone judges and perceives, but those who are judging dominant are said to be more methodical and results-oriented, while perceiving dominant personalities are good at multi-tasking and are flexible.
  • J. Abrahms wanted to pay homage to the classic series by maintaining certain aspects of the characters, designs and uniforms, ensuring that certain things throughout the movie were easily recognizable to Star Trek fans.
  • After talking with M & J for about one hour, I came home to do my own research and to my further surprise, I found many styles of the portable cat cage, and the clothing styles surely have gotten better for cats.