Sentence Examples

  • There is no seasonal interruption in vegetation.
  • But Astronomers, In Order To Preserve The Uniformity Of Computation, Make The Series Of Years Proceed Without Interruption, And Reckon The Year Preceding The First Of The Era O.
  • Nevertheless his descendants were left in possession of their ancestor's dominions; and till 1170 Kerman, to which belonged also the opposite coast of Oman, enjoyed a well-ordered government, except for a short interruption caused by the deposition of Iran Shah, who had embraced the tenets of the Ismailites, and was put to death (IIoi) in accordance with a fatwa of the ulema.
  • Her only interruption was when Dean described the bones Fitzgerald had allegedly located.
  • Irrespective of the large number of clerks, village scribes and state and municipal employes which can be drawn upon with but slight interruption of official routine, there is a fair supply of casual literary labour up to the moderate standard required.