Sentence Examples

  • Opposite the primary xylems, the cambium either (a) forms parenchyma on both sides, making a broad, secondary (principal) ray, which interrupts the vascular ring and is divided at its inner extremity by the islet of primary xylem; or (b) forms secondary xylem and phloem in the ordinary way, completing the vascular ring.
  • An outlying member of the Rockies which boldly interrupts the continuity of the plains in north-central Wyoming.
  • No grave note, warning us that the pleasures of this earth are fleeting, that the visible world is but a symbol of the invisible, that human life is a probation for the life beyond, interrupts the tinkling music as of castanets and tripping feet which gives a novel charm to these unique relics of the 13th century.
  • This group of laws clearly formed no part of the original narrative of P since it interrupts the connexion of chap. viii.
  • Chapter vii., then, interrupts the development of the author's plan, but the interruption is deliberate.