Sentence Examples

  • By a true confession of faith, by every good deed, word and thought, by continually keeping pure his body and his soul, he impairs the power of Satan and strengthens the might of goodness, and establishes a claim for reward upon Ormazd; by a false confession, by every evil deed, word and thought and defilement, he increases the evil and renders service to Satan.
  • The research of a mine in no way impairs the rights of ownership of the land in which the mine is located.
  • The uncertainty of this mass impairs the accuracy of the method.
  • Ordinarily carbon is used as the electrode material, but when carbon comes in contact at high temperatures with any metal that is capable of forming a carbide a certain amount of combination between them is inevitable, and the carbon thus introduced impairs the mechanical properties of the ultimate metallic product.
  • When present in other metals, even in very small quantity, bismuth renders them brittle and impairs their electrical conductivity.