Sentence Examples

  • Whether you are just entering the dating scene, or you're a seasoned player in the dating game, using the word ''mature'' implies that you are ready to skip the drama that often tags along with immaturity.
  • Oligomenorrhea that occurs in adolescents is often caused by immaturity or lack of synchronization between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and ovaries.
  • 3 But to the end there is a lack of interest in, and therefore a relative immaturity of, technique as such.
  • The precocious immaturity of Lucan's career affords a marked contrast to the long preparation of Virgil and Horace for their high office.
  • Its striated plumage also favours this view, as an evidence of permanent immaturity or generalization of form, since striped feathers are so often the earliest clothing of many of these birds, which only get rid of them at their first moult.