Sentence Examples

  • You could probably get away with mixing "Cinnamon Bear" and "Poinsettia Pine" for a more lively holiday fragrance, but it's probably a bit of a stretch to imagine "Bubblegum" blending well with "Pima Cotton" as the two themes conflict.
  • Within the Scentsy fragrance collections, there are a few scents that feature only one dominant fragrance component such as "Bubblegum" or "Perfectly Pomegranate".
  • Spearmint, wintergreen, banana, assorted fruit, bubblegum, and cherry are some of the more popular flavors, as well as the traditional peppermint.
  • "Clean Breeze", "Clove Cinnamon", "Bubblegum", and "Home Sweet Home" are just a few of the titles within this group.
  • He Said, She Said Bubblegum Game-Played similar to the newlywed game, this is a great game for a couples' shower.

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