Sentence Examples

  • Oatmeal is made from the kiln-dried grain from which the husks have been removed; and the form of the food is the well-known "porridge."
  • The enlarged spiny scales scattered over the back look as if it were sprinkled with the dried husks of seeds.
  • The haulm and husks are either used for litter or burned, and the ashes spread upon the land.
  • They contain, in loo parts without husks, nitrogenous substances 22.7, fat 3.76, starch 63.18, mineral matters 2.6 parts, with water (Forbes Watson, quoted in Parkes's Hygiene).
  • It is only floss, injured and unreelable cocoons, the husks of reeled cocoons, and other waste from reeling, with certain wild silks, which are treated by the spun silk process, and the silk thereby produced loses much of the beauty, strength and brilliance which are characteristic of the manufactures from reeled silk.