Sentence Examples

  • The cuticle of a mushroom readily peels away from the flesh beneath, as shown at F.
  • Sea-snakes shed their skin frequently; but it peels off in pieces as in lizards, and not as in the freshwater snakes, in which the integuments come off entire.
  • As our fairies give gold which changes into withered leaves, the Jan give onion peels which turn into gold.
  • The bark in most of the trees occurs in fine soft membranous layers, the outer cuticle of which peels off in thin, white, papery sheets.
  • The older houses are of brick, overlaid with white or tinted plaster, and ornamented with figures or foliage in terra-cotta; but owing to the great changes of temperature in Rumania, the plaster soon cracks and peels off, giving a dilapidated appearance to many streets.