Sentence Examples

  • Many utilize scientic innovations, breakthrough technology and natural ingredients; common treatments include hydrating, anti-aging and teen facials; microdermabrasion; glycolic peels; exfoliation therapies; eye care therapies; and more.
  • Whether you use a simple method like exfoliation, or choose a more extensive treatment, such as a chemical peel or removal tool, your skin can be clear, beautiful, and blackhead free.
  • Acute lesions produce a watery exudate and are often accompanied by exfoliation (scaling or peeling of layers of skin) and erosion (destruction of the skin surface).
  • Salons may offer steam treatments, exfoliation, blackhead or pore extraction, peels, masks, toning, facial massage, miniaturization, LED light therapy, and more.
  • Sugar not only provides an excellent texture for exfoliation, it also gives your scrub a sweet scent and it mixes very easily with other ingredients.