Sentence Examples

  • You can also try cutting a lemon in half and spreading sugar over the half, then gently circling over your face as an exfoliant.
  • You can make an excellent exfoliant on your own using several kinds of fruit - nearly all of them will not only strip away your dull flakes, but also hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and silky.
  • For a great recipe for skin exfoliant, mix a teaspoon of sugar with a half-teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of plain yogurt, which has natural AHAs and acts as a skin moisturizer and lightener.
  • Everyone's skin is different, and dry or oily, sensitive or strong, you need the right recipe for a skin exfoliant.
  • Floracide Exfoliant: Exfoliate the skin with flower acid extracts like the ones found in this exfoliating cream.

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