Sentence Examples

  • Certain hanging travel cosmetic carriers are able to hold objects as large as a travel blow-dryer, but due to the intensity of most types of travel, a hanging makeup bag cannot prevent your makeup items from clanking against one another.
  • From cosmetic application to tweezing stray eyebrow hairs and more, a lighted makeup mirror is one of a woman's most essential beauty tools, and the vintage style and functional appeal of the Clairol makeup mirror is appealing to many.
  • Including an organic designation on a cosmetic or skin care product indicates that one of a number of regulating boards evaluated an ingredient or ingredients in the preparation and is confident that they meet a list of minimum guidelines.
  • "Pay the hospital bill anonymously and for any cosmetic surgery she wants," he said.
  • Both men and women avoided washing, but there was something of the nature of a vapour bath, with which Herodotus has confused a custom of using the smoke of hemp as a narcotic. The women daubed themselves with a kind of cosmetic paste.