Sentence Examples

  • Her lips were ablaze with red lipstick.
  • Whether her look is natural and sexy with a shimmery nude lipstick or flat out bombshell with a bright red lipstick, Rhianna manages to pull off a gorgeous pout by keeping her lips glossy and avoiding dark, gloomy and unflattering shades.
  • On the other hand, timeless beauties like Sophia Loren, Jane Mansfield and Elizabeth Taylor knew that a soft set of pearls, some red lipstick and a body hugging, flattering swimsuit were all it took to grab a man's attention and keep it!
  • If you're headed out for the evening and want to emulate a Cher-like lip from the '80s, try a vibrant violet-berry lipstick, similar to what the star would often wear with her famous leather jackets, sheer dresses and killer stilettos.
  • The classic lipstick kiss mark will always be a set of puckered lips in full-on kissing position, but that doesn't mean you have to limit your kisses to this classic mark, get creative and try different kiss shapes for fun and whimsy.