Sentence Examples

  • Engraved flowers, views and devices are often combined with decorative cutting.
  • 135), a beautiful inner court, and notable decorative features and embellishments, including bronze doors by D.
  • The sandstone has not resisted the effects of weather, and much of the external decorative work has perished.
  • Most Japanese decorative designs consist of natural objects, treated sometimes in a more 1~hi0 or less conventional manner, but always distinguished by delicacy of touch, graceful freedom of conception and delightfully harmonized tints.
  • The manufacture, modelling and painting of faience objects, and the making of inlays in many materials were also familiar to Aegean craftsmen, who show in all their best work a strong sense of natural form and an appreciation of ideal balance and decorative effect, such as are seen in the best products of later Hellenic art.