Sentence Examples

  • You can make a rudimentary setup with a few basic woodworking tools you probably already have in your garage, like a circular saw and an electric drill.Bunk beds are available in twin as well as full combos and in many decorator styles.
  • Interior Designer Directory The Interior Designer Directory - The Interior Designer Directory isn't a home decorator outlet itself, but rather it maintains a list of to the trade shops offering designers a wide variety of resources.
  • You can display the conventional three-tiered white confection and have your decorator wrap each tier in orange satin ribbon, write a romantic message with bright buttercream, or pipe on a pretty design with orange frosting.
  • A special request for an Elmo cake is also something for a decorator to celebrate, since specialty manufactured molds and cake supplies make it a cinch to build and customize any cake that features the friendly red critter.
  • For the best effect, enlist several assistants to light the candles just before the reception begins so they will last as long as possible, or inquire with your venue's decorator about how the candles will be attended to.