Sentence Examples

  • The fiberous layer under the mesocarp is called the coir, and this fiber can be used to make everything from ropes to textiles.
  • The condition can be controlled efficiently by adding compost or coir, creating a richer soil, or adding a little sand depending on the needs of the plants in that individual bed.
  • There are factories for coir-matting.
  • From the earliest notices the production of coir, the collection of cowries, and the weaving of excellent textures on these islands have been noted.
  • In the United Kingdom, under the name of "coir" matting, a large amount of a coarse kind of carpet is made from coco-nut fibre; and the same material, as well as strips of cane, Manila hemp, various grasses and rushes, is largely employed in various forms for making door mats.

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