Sentence Examples

  • The shunts usually employed with the drum relay (referred to above) have each a resistance of about 30 ohms and an inductance of 20, 30 and 40 henrys respectively.
  • The average total inductive value of these bridges to received signals is about 40 henrys, and the coil is so arranged that the arms contain three sections or blocks of winding each, two of which are joined up to strap connexions, and the a p :?; .?
  • The barbarians accepted hit terms, and faithfully kept their word in regard to Henrys own lands, although Bavaria, Swabia and Franconia they occasionally invaded as before.
  • Although these preparations were carried on directly under Henrys supervision, only in Saxony and Thuringia the neighboring dukes were stimulated to follow his example.
  • But Henrys work concerned the duchy of Saxony rather than the kingdom of Germany.