Sentence Examples

  • And Henrietta Maria, was born at St James's on the 15th of October 1633, and created duke of York in January 1643.
  • And by Charles I., who erected the "Queen's House" for Henrietta Maria.
  • They who were looked upon as servants to the king being then called ` Cavaliers,' and the other of the rabble contemned and despised under the name of ` Roundheads.'" Baxter ascribes the origin of the term to a remark made by Queen Henrietta Maria at the trial of Strafford; referring to Pym, she asked who the roundheaded man was.
  • Henrietta; but it may have been strengthened by his known connexion with Laud, as well as by his ascetic habits.
  • In 1872 he became vicar of St Jude's, Commercial Street, Whitechapel, and in the next year married Henrietta Octavia Rowland, who had been a co-worker with Miss Octavia Hill and was no less ardent a philanthropist than her husband.