Sentence Examples

  • Whether you have just installed a brand new deck, or you're hankering for a fresh start with an old piece of your backyard, following simple daily or weekly rituals will keep your deck looking great.
  • Chances are you have a hankering for online fashion games because you possess a love of clothing and cosmetics, and, hey, you're familiar with all the biggest brands, so you must be an expert, right?
  • Watching happy dancers cavort in pairs around a club dance floor can give a person a hankering for some good old-fashioned Texas Two-Step dance lessons.
  • If you're hankering to see your name in print, getting hired as an online content writer for a print publication can be a great foot in the door.
  • However, the eastern hankering after the eremitical life long survived, and it was only by dint of legislation, both ecclesiastical (council of Chalcedon) and civil (Justinian Code), that the Basilian cenobitic form of monasticism came to prevail throughout the Greek-speaking lands, though the eremitical forms have always maintained themselves.

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