Sentence Examples

  • The giants battled, and she couldn't help feeling awed by the prisoner's abilities as he met the blows of all three foes and remained standing.
  • He fought by his side in the war against the giants and was his companion in his travels and adventures.
  • He was shorter than the seven-foot giants around him, standing right at Romas's height.
  • The ceremony of hoisting a flag and taking possession of the country in the name of the government of the Netherlands was actually performed, but the description of the wildness of the country, and of the fabulous giants by which Tasman's sailors believed it to be inhabited, deterred the Dutch from occupying the island, and by the international principle of " non-user " it passed from their hands.
  • The land was full of " sons of Anak," giants who had terrified the scouts sent from Kadesh.