Sentence Examples

  • In his translations of Euripides' Cyclops, 381, "a bowl I Three cubits wide and four in depth, as much i As would contain four amphorae" the Greek original clearly points to "ten amphorae" and four may have come from the previous line.
  • His rival the Cyclops Polyphemus surprised them together, and crushed him to pieces with a rock.
  • Euripides in the Cyclops essentially follows the Homeric account.
  • There was first of all a " Return of Odysseus," relating chiefly the adventures with the Cyclops, Calypso and the Phaeacians; then a continuation, the scene of which lay in Ithaca, embracing the bulk of books xiii.-xxiii.
  • The love of the Cyclops for Galatea had been treated by Philoxenus, and fragments quoted from this show that Theocritus copied some of his phrases closely.