Sentence Examples

  • Throughout his life he was much interested in politics, and though his temperamental indolence and his aversion for public life often prevented his accepting office, he exercised as a contributor, to the press and through his friendships, a powerful political influence, especially in New England.
  • From France he proceeded to Switzerland, and spent nearly a year at Lausanne, where many old friendships and studies were resumed, and new ones begun.
  • Friendships among "gentle and simple" - of the former, with Lady Farewell, grand-daughter of the protector Somerset - bear witness to the attraction of Alleine's private life.
  • In 1873 he first met Mr Sidney Colvin, who was to prove the closest of his friends and at last the loyal and admirable editor of his works and his correspondence; and to this time are attributed several of the most valuable friendships of Stevenson's life.
  • Two new friendships about this time kindled in the poet something of the juvenile fire and passion of younger days.