Sentence Examples

  • In the latter case, the densities of the fluids will be inversely proportional to the volumes thus displaced.
  • With reference to the findings of the Malkowal commission the Institute were asked to report: (1) On the comparative efficacy of the standard and new fluids as a 1898, the mean mortality among the inoculated was 1.3%; among the uninoculated 13.2%.
  • The first volume of the Histoire et memoires de l'Academie (1733) contains many original papers by him upon a great variety of physical subjects, such as the motion of fluids, the nature of colour, the notes of the trumpet, the barometer, the fall of bodies, the recoil of guns, the freezing of water, &c.
  • Adopting the hypothesis of two fluids, Coulomb investigated experimentally and theoretically the distribution of electricity on the surface of bodies by means of his proof plane.
  • - The blood fluids of Limulus and Scorpio are very similar.