Sentence Examples

  • Whenever the weather changes a vapor is exhaled, which I consider very detrimental to health.
  • Just as raindrops meld seamlessly into a puddle, this carbon rain melds onto the diamond chip in a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), growing it to previously unheard of proportions for made-made gems.
  • Install vapor barriers on the "warm" wall: Although what is considered the "warm" wall is up for contentious debate, it is generally on the inside of you home, after the insulation and before the final wall material.
  • Lateral wraps, "revolutionary" TPU/Pebax" materials, and the Nike Vapor TD pattern are all features of this superior cleat that is geared to create stable traction and provide excellent ankle support.
  • Approximately two-thirds of the heat trapped by greenhouses gases is contained in water vapor, and as the average temperature on the planet continues to rise, the amount of water vapor rises in turn.