Sentence Examples

  • Laser Resurfacing, also known as a laser peel, is accomplished by using a CO2 laser to vaporize wrinkled skin one layer at a time.
  • The use of lasers, which vaporize the lesion, can theoretically transmit the HPV.
  • The corresponding intensity at the sun's surface is 4.62 X Io 4 as great, or 6.79 X Io 4 kilowatts per square metre = 7.88 X Io 4 horse-power per square yard - enough to melt a thickness of 13.3 metres (=39.6 ft.) of ice, or to vaporize 1.81 metres (=5.92 ft.) of water per minute.
  • (2) The Latent Heat Unit, Or The Quantity Of Heat Required To Melt Or Vaporize Unit Mass Of A Standard Substance Under Given Conditions.