Sentence Examples

  • If there is concern about a child's weight, a pediatrician should be consulted for advice on whether the child is inappropriately overweight, or whether the apparent chubbiness is normal "puppy-fat" that will dissipate as the child matures.
  • Defeated there, it would quickly dissipate in all quarters.
  • The east and south-east winds, which contain most moisture, dissipate their strength against the Drakensberg and other mountain ranges which guard the interior.
  • It has been stated that Napier's mathematical pursuits led him to dissipate his means.
  • When he finished the chores, he swallowed three aspirins and went outside to shovel the accumulating snow, hoping further activity might dissipate the anger he felt, not only at Shipton, but at himself for losing it in so public and childish manner.