Sentence Examples

  • It is volatile at temperatures above 1oo° C. and rapidly vaporizes at a dull red heat.
  • A little vapour is given off at ordinary temperatures and pressures, and when under a few millimetres pressure only it rapidly vaporizes below Ioo° C. The freezing-point is uncertain, owing perhaps to the existence of two modifications, as suggested by Kast (Zeits.
  • The water vaporizes and is led from the dome of the evaporator to the head of the condenser.
  • It vaporizes in a vacuum at 292°, and its boiling-point, under atmospheric pressure, is between 1090° and 1450° (T.
  • The molten metal is sea-green in colour, and at higher temperatures (in the electric arc) it vaporizes and burns with a green flame.