Sentence Examples

  • If all the water be frozen, we have the vapour pressure curve of ice OB; while, if the pressure be raised, so that all the vapour vanishes, we get the curve OC of equilibrium between the pressure and the freezing point of water.
  • This stream flows north-westward from the last lake and vanishes underground within 3 m.
  • The effect of each of the elements of the grating is then the same; and, unless this vanishes on account of a particular adjustment of the ratio a: d, the resultant amplitude becomes comparatively very great.
  • We find Prester John in one more phase before he vanishes from Asiatic history, real or mythical.
  • If this vanishes for all values of X, u, v, ~, s~, ~ we must have X, Y, Z, L, M, N = o, which are the conditions of equilibrium.