Sentence Examples

  • Pyrimidine, C4H4N2, itself is a water-soluble base which melts at 21° C. and possesses a narcotic smell.
  • It melts at 275° C. 4-Methyluracil, C5H602N2, has long been known, having first been synthesized by R.
  • It is a colourless solid which melts at 54° C. to a deep blue liquid.
  • The orthocompound melts at Io 5° C. and boils at 218° C., the para-compound melts at 54° C. and boils at 230° C. Meta-nitrotoluene (melting at 16° C.) is obtained by nitrating acetparatoluidide and then replacing the amino group by hydrogen.
  • The silver salt, obtained by shaking an ether solution of nitroform with freshly prepared, slightly moist silver oxide, reacts with methyl iodide to form trinitroethane, a crystalline solid which melts at 56° C. Concentrated caustic potash decomposes the latter compound, forming the potassium salt of dinitroethane, CH3 C(N02)2K.