Sentence Examples

  • By rapidly stirring molten iron oxide into molten pig iron in a furnace shaped like a saucer, slightly inclined and turning around its axis, at a temperature but little above the melting-point of the metal itself, the phosphorus and silicon are removed rapidly, without removing much of the carbon, and by this means an extremely pure cast iron is made.
  • Lo g i op =o 6640+8.585t/e-4.70(log109/Bo-Mt/6), where t=9 -273, and M =0.4343, the modulus of common logarithms. These formulae are practically accurate for a range of 20° or 30° C. on either side of the melting-point, as the pressure is so small that the vapour may be treated as an ideal gas.
  • The dry process is more frequently practised, for the easy reducibility of the oxide and sulphide, together with the low melting-point of the metal, renders it possible to effect a ready separation of the metal from the gangue and impurities.
  • Much information as to the nature of an alloy can be obtained by placing several small ingots of the same alloy in a furnace which is above the melting-point of the alloy, and allowing the temperature to fall slowly and uniformly.
  • The phenomena were first observed without mutual transformation, aldehyde melting at - 118°, paraldehyde at 13°, the only mutual influence being a lowering of melting-point, with a minimum at - 120° in the eutectic point.