Sentence Examples

  • R 265 at 15° C., possessing a somewhat sweet taste; below o° C. it solidifies to a white crystalline mass, which melts at 17° C. When heated alone it partially volatilizes, but the greater part decomposes; under a pressure of 12 mm.
  • This artifice is specially valuable when the substance decomposes or volatilizes in a warm current of carbon dioxide.
  • It forms a white silky mass which volatilizes at about 400° C. It deliquesces in moist air, and is decomposed violently by water.
  • In the oxyhydrogen flame silver boils, forming a blue vapour, while platinum volatilizes slowly, and osmium, though infusible, very readily.
  • It crystallizes in white plates, which melt at 45° C. and boil at 302° C. It is almost insoluble in water, but readily volatilizes in steam.

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