Sentence Examples

  • Onethird of the sulphur is volatilized-3FeS 2 = Fe3S4 -12S-and obtained as a distillate.
  • The simplest modes of preparing pure glycerin are based on the saponification of fats, either by alkalis or by superheated steam, and on the circumstance that, although glycerin cannot be distilled by itself under the ordinary pressure without decomposition, it can be readily volatilized in a current of superheated steam.
  • The leading products of the blast-furnace are argentiferous lead (base bullion), matte, slag and flue-dust (fine particles of charge and volatilized metal carried out of the furnace by the ascending gas current).
  • Volatilized more or less readily when heated beyond their fusing points in open crucibles: antimony (very readily), lead, bismuth, tin, silver.
  • The following are readily volatilized in a current of chlorine, at a red heat: AiCI 3, CrC1 3, FeC1 3, the chlorides of aluminium, chromium, iron.

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