Sentence Examples

  • Instead, much the way that the Lord of the Rings games acted as filler for those who couldn't get enough in the theater, Batman the video game offers little more than behind the scenes unlockables and interviews with the cast and crew.
  • While hand-washing down-filled clothing occasionally (once in the middle of the wearing season, for example) will not affect the way the filler functions, frequent washing, especially in a machine, can quickly damage the filling.
  • Wasted Space: Those who view objectives as unnecessary see them as filler, taking up space on the resume that could be better used providing information about the individual's transferable skills and relevant work experience.
  • Eagle Pack quickly earned a reputation as a quality holistic pet food brand because it was the first pet food manufacturer to use real meat instead of animal by-products or filler ingredients such as soy and corn.
  • But wait until you get home and discover that the $30 pills were mostly filler, so you have to chug four capsules per day, while the $40 bottle was concentrated enough to accomplish the same with just one cap.