Sentence Examples

  • Natasha was in ecstasies over "Uncle's" singing.
  • The attitude of Paul toward glossolaly among his converts strikingly resembles Plato's opinion as expressed in the Timaeus, p. 72, of the enthusiastic ecstasies of the ancient µav ns (soothsayer).
  • He had risen in Maud far above his ordinary serenity of style, to ecstasies of passion and audacities of expression which were scarcely intelligible to his readers, and certainly not welcome.
  • He quite agreed that self-will was the enemy; The was there no quicker way of checkmating it than T an interminable course of ecstasies and austerities?
  • (Aristie in Sertorius.) There is perhaps some truth in this accusation, however much some of us may be disposed to think that the line just quoted is a fair enough description of the admired ecstasies of Achille and Bajazet.

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