Sentence Examples

  • His sweater, jeans, and trench coat were all of high quality with his heavy boots dwarfing her feet as hers did Toby's.
  • Double flowers, phyllody of floral parts, contortions and fascinations, dwarfing, malformed leaves, &c.can not only be transmitted in cultivation, but occur ii.
  • Partial starvation will sometimes effect this; hence the grafting of freegrowing fruit trees upon dwarfing stocks, as before alluded to, and also the " ringing " or girdling of fruit trees, i.e.
  • The stocks are commonly divided into two classes: - (1) free stocks, which consist of seedling plants, chiefly of the same genus or species as the trees from which the scions are taken; and (2) dwarfing stocks, which are of more diminutive growth, either varieties of the same species or species of the same or some allied genus as the scion, which have a tendency to lessen the expansion of the engrafted tree.
  • But summer pruning has been much extended since the introduction of restricted growth and the use of dwarfing stocks.